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Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management involves tracking the online reviews of your business and your business listings on the internet. It’s defined  as “the influencing and/or control of an individual’s or business’s reputation.” Even back in 2010, an article in the Guardian suggested that, in the future, millions will employ reputation managers — well, that future is now.
Many businesses, especially smaller businesses or ones with an unknown brand name, can be made or broken by reviews. With reviews now on Facebook, Yelp, Google, and a plethora of other popular websites, businesses often rely on professionals to alert them when a bad review pops up, or when they want to make sure their listing appears correctly in various directories so potential customers can find them quickly.

Examples of the types of clients which often see success with this digital marketing tool:  (EVERY CLIENT)

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JPB Professional Marketing Can Help With

  • Listing Reporting:

See how often a listing appears in local search results, the views its detail page receives, and the number of times customers click on a featured message — which helps you tie revenue back to your locations’ digital presence.

  • Review Monitoring:

Monitor and search customer reviews by location across every site that supports them, including Yelp, Facebook, Google+, and Citysearch, in real-time. Get custom notifications for new reviews, search reviews by location, and analyze how customer feedback varies over time and across locations.

  • Duplicate Suppression:

Duplicate records of your business information appear across the search ecosystem — and they cost you time, money, and SEO benefits. Our technology finds and suppresses duplicate listings so consumers never see the incorrect or incomplete address or contact information. Since search engines value consistency, Duplicate Suppression offers huge SEO benefits.