Elevating Brands with JPB Professional Marketing's Proven Approach

Established in 2015

JPB Professional Marketing started when the founding partners saw a specific need for digital marketing services in the Ashland and Mansfield, Ohio areas. They saw many business owners struggling to find their voice online, and often being taken advantage of by national advertising agencies who made a promise but never delivered.

The founders having a combined 40+ years of experience in marketing, advertising, branding, and business ownership, and felt they could impact the community in a big way. By offering services that are tailor-fit to their client’s needs, communicating with their clients on a regular basis, transparent results, and high return on investment, JPB Professional Marketing has grown to a few hundred clients and a full staff of graphic designers, web developers, marketing consultants, and customer support.

JPB can support your company’s marketing, regardless of size, budget, or the stage your business may be in. JPB represents new companies, small to medium-size businesses, B2B, as well as national companies.

We have a clear mission at JPB Professional Marketing — that is to help businesses succeed. We help local businesses stand their ground against national and regional companies that are outmaneuvering them online, and particularly in mobile search. In many cases as the primary and only marketing department for our clients, we level the playing field by giving local businesses the tools to win. We see a clear and currently unsatisfied need in our marketplace for local businesses to link directly with their customers, attract new business, and continue to grow. Our marketing strategies fill that need and we are proud to treat our clients business’ like our own.

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How Our Tailored Marketing Strategies Fuel Your Business Growth

We’ve honed our process into four key steps — Analyze, Strategize, Implement, and Refine. We start by delving deep into your brand, your competition, and your industry. With these insights, we tailor an effective, efficient digital marketing strategy specifically for your business and your goals.

Next comes the implementation — putting the plan into action. From managing PPC campaigns and crafting engaging social media content to optimizing your website and email marketing endeavors, we streamline your online presence to reach your target audiences.

Finally, we constantly refine. Success in digital marketing involves adaptability. We continually analyze results, listen to your feedback, and adjust the strategy, ensuring we’re always meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations.

In essence, a digital marketing strategy done right doesn’t just boost your online presence — it propels your business into new opportunities, markets, and avenues for growth. Let us help you navigate this journey. Together, let’s transform challenges into stepping stones for success.

JPB Professional Marketing's distinctive white logo, embodying precision digital marketing service offerings in Mansfield, Ohio